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2021 年 09 月 26 日

Software configuration

About the OS

As of March 2019, our Supercomputer System has been using Linux as its OS, and the Thin compute nodes use the RedHat Enterprise 6 distribution. This is common to all compute nodes.

SystemOSOS Version
Gateway node Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 7.5
Thin compute node CentOS 7 7.5
Medium compute node Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 7.5
Fat compute node Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 7.5


About the job management system

Our Supercomputer System utilizes Univa Grid Engine (UGE) as the job management system. UGE is a commercial product derived from the open source software Sun Grid Engine6.2U5 owned by the former Sun Micro Systems, and so its underlying system concept, user command system, and so forth, are identical to those of Sun Grid Engine. For basic procedures for using the system utilizing UGE, please reference How to use the system.

Job-related upper limit settings in UGE

The number of job slots that can be used simultaneously by one user is as follows:

Setting itemSetting value
Upper limit on the number of job slots (accounts for general research) 300
Upper limit on the number of job slots (accounts for large-scale use) 300
Upper limit on the number of jobs to enter per user 5000
Upper limit on the number of tasks to enter per user 75000

By applying for an expansion of computer resources, the upper limit on the number of job slots can be expanded to the level of accounts for large-scale use. Please make an application if necessary. (* We are currently preparing. Please wait for a while.)

Queue configuration

The following queues are set up depending on the type of compute node used and the period of use (as of Mar. 11, 2019)

Phase3 System

Queue nameNumber of job slotsMaximum memoryUpper limit for execution timePurposeOptions for queue specification
epyc.q 4,224 512G 62 days When there is no resource request in two months of the execution period No specification or
-l month (default)
intel.q 1,472 384G 62 days Use of Intel Xeon -l intel or -l month -l intel
gpu.q 384 512G 62 days Use of GPU -l gpu or -l month -l gpu
medium.q 160 3T 62 days Use of Medium compute node -l medium or
-l month -l medium
login.q 258 512G Unlimited Used to execute qlogin from the gateway node  
login_gpu.q 48 384G Unlimited Qlogin from gateway node when using GPU  
short.q 744 192G 3 days Short period job -l short

For specific procedures for entering jobs and the job management system, please see How to use the system.

File transfer software

For data transfer between the system and an external entity, sftp, scp, and aspera can be used. For specific transfer procedures, see How to transfer file.