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2021 年 08 月 01 日

Website of the National Institute of Genetics Supercomputer System


  • About this site

    This website is managed by the National Institute of Genetics, Inter-University Research Institute Corporation, Research Organization of Information and Systems (hereafter referred to as NIG).

  • Linking to this site

    Links to this site may be made without permission except for the specified contents to which linking is not permitted.

  • Copyright

    The copyright on the contents of this site belongs to NIG or a third party unless otherwise specified. Use of these works must strictly follow the terms of use or user policy if they are provided on this website.

  • Prohibited matters

    The use of any information provided on this site for any of the following actions is prohibited:

    1. Actions that violate the intellectual property rights, privacy rights, and other rights of NIG or any third parties, including actions to defame or damage the credit or assets of NIG or any third parties, or actions to assist such,
    2. Criminal acts or actions that may result in crimes being committed,
    3. Actions that violate public policy,
    4. Actions that violate or may violate laws or regulations,
    5. Actions that may adversely affect the operation of this site, including, unauthorized access and transmission of large amounts of data, and
    6. Actions to save or distribute virus-containing files, contaminated files, or links to other files or websites that may damage the functions of computers of any third parties.

    If NIG considers that any of the above actions has been conducted, it can terminate the authorization of the applicable user to use this site and the NIG Supercomputer System without prior notification, and NIG shall not be held liable for any damages caused to the user by these actions. If NIG or any third party suffers any damage due to any of the above actions by a user, the corresponding user will be held liable for compensating all damages suffered by NIG or the third party. This stipulation does not obligate NIG to monitor the information registered by its users.

  • Disclaimer

    1. Users shall utilize the contents of this site and information contained in these contents at their own discretion and responsibility.
    2. While all content has been prepared based on various pieces of information or data considered reliable at the time of preparation, NIG and the provider of the information make no guarantee as to its accuracy, applicability, completeness, and so forth.
    3. NIG and the information provider shall not be held liable for any damage claimed to be suffered based on the use of any information on this site and so forth.
    4. This site may be linked to other websites and so forth. The websites linked to are not managed by NIG, and so neither NIG nor the provider of the information can be held liable for the reliability of their contents and so forth. Please utilize the sites at your own discretion and responsibility.
    5. NIG shall reserve the right to temporarily terminate or suspend the management of this site for maintenance and updates, and in cases where unavoidable accidents or other eventualities arise.
    6. Users are responsible for resolving complaints received from other users or third parties or complaints they have against any third party due to violation of the policies of this site at their own expense. NIG shall not be held liable for any complaints or conflicts.
  • Personal information

    1. Acquisition of information

      NIG automatically acquires user IP address information, cookie information, user environment information, information on pages the user accesses, and so forth, from the user’s browser, and records the information on its server.
      Furthermore, NIG will obtain personal information as specified by the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (hereafter referred to simply as “personal information”) if it intends to handle personal information for business purposes.

    2. Purpose of information use

      NIG utilizes the information collected for the following purposes. If the information obtained is personal, NIG will not use it beyond the range agreed upon by the person except when there are reasons approved under the Act on the Protection of Personal Information or other laws and regulations):

      • To provide website and other services by NIG and to improve those services,
      • Information on user attributes may be analyzed, subjects of questionnaire for analysis may be extracted, and so forth, in order to provide information, services, and so forth, upon analyzing what is effective to have the sources of information at NIG and so forth to post or provide. Information that may specify individuals will not be included in analysis results.
      • Information on workshops, lectures, seminars, and other events,
      • Actions to handle user questions, and
      • Other purposes pursuant to the above purposes.
    3. Provision of personal information to third parties

      NIG will not provide personal information to third parties except in the following cases:

      • When the user agrees,
      • When the information is disclosed or provided under conditions in which the users cannot be identified, as in statistical data and so forth,
      • When disclosure is required by laws or regulations, or judgment, decision, order, and so forth, by court, administrative bodies, and so forth, based on laws or regulations,
      • When it is necessary for the protection of someone’s life, health, or assets and it is difficult to obtain agreement from the user,
      • When it is especially necessary for the promotion of improvement in public health or healthy children’s growth and when it is difficult to obtain agreement from the user, and
      • When it is necessary to cooperate with governmental organizations, local public organizations, or the parties who represent them in their implementation of processes specified by laws or regulations and when obtaining agreement from the user may hinder the implementation of the processes.
    4. Safe management of personal information

      NIG manages personal information properly through its center management system and training of employees, and takes actions to prevent leaks, losses, damage, and so forth, of personal information.

    5. Request for notification, disclosure, correction, termination of use, and so forth, with regards to personal information

      NIG will handle any request from the user about disclosure, correction/addition/deletion, termination or deletion of use, notification of the termination of use for any third party, or purpose of use regarding personal information promptly and in good faith according to the stipulations of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information upon confirmation that the person requesting the information is the user himself/herself. In addition, it may be impossible to comply with the request if the request does not satisfy the requirements of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, or when it is advisable to refuse disclosure and so forth based on the Act on the Protection of Personal Information or any other laws or regulations. There is no fee to be paid by the user to NIG pursuant to a disclosure request and so forth. However, the user shall be responsible for any expenses and so forth that may be incurred when the user communicates with NIG, travels to NIG, or is requested to prepare materials for identification as specified in the first sentence of this article.

    6. Contact

      Questions about requests for disclosure and so forth, opinions, complaints, and other questions about our handling of personal information are accepted at the following e-mail address:

  • Other general rules

    1. Even if one of the stipulations in this site policy is considered invalid or impossible to execute under applicable laws, it shall not affect the validity or execution possibility of other stipulations. The stipulation deemed invalid or impossible to execute shall be automatically repaired to the minimum degree needed for it to be valid or possible to execute.
    2. The laws applicable to this site policy shall be Japanese laws. If any conflict occurs between NIG and any user in relation to this site, it shall be resolved in good faith on both sides.
  • Continuous improvement

    NIG shall review the handling of personal information and site management status appropriately and work on continuous improvement, and may change its site policy as necessary. In such a case, NIG shall apply this to users who utilize this website after the day of execution of this policy upon advance notification over a rational period on this website.

  • Recommended environment for viewing this site

    It is recommended that this site be accessed under the following computing environment:

    • Supported browsers

      Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 or later, Mozilla Firefox 3.02 or later

    • Screen resolution

      1024 × 800 or higher

    • JavaScript

      Please access this site with JavaScript enabled.

  • Other questions and questions about this site

    For all other questions regarding the items described on this site, please contactmailaddr.