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Criteria for issuing user login accounts     in Japanese...ログインユーザーアカウント発行基準

The Inter-University Research Institute Corporation promotes joint research among universities, by providing researchers access to resources such as large-scale equipment and very expensive materials that individual universities would have difficulty in providing or operating on their own. In this way, the Inter-University Research Institute Corporation aims at improving the standard of research in the relevant disciplines. As a member of the Inter-University Research Institute Corporation, the National Institute of Genetics (NIG) operates the Supercomputer Facilities for the purpose of making research and education resources for genetics and other life sciences-related fields of study available to researchers belonging to universities and national and public research institutes in Japan.

Since supercomputers fall within the scope of the export control regulations prescribed by the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Law (FEFTL), their use for the purpose of making weapons is subject to penalties.

In light of this, user login accounts for the NIG Supercomputer are generally issued to the persons defined below.


  1. Academic staff members of a national or public university or research institute who are resident in Japan, as defined by the FEFTL
  2. Any researcher, student, or contractor working on joint research with or under the guidance of a person defined by Definition 1 above (including exchange students, persons posted abroad, and foreign researchers)


The application form includes a field for specifying the person in charge. Please use this to specify the name of the person who meets Definition 1 as a person in charge for any person corresponding to Definition 2 above.(A person who meets Definition 1 can be both the applicant and the person in charge.) Generally, one UNIX group is created for each person in charge.

Points of Caution

(i) In order to prevent use by persons other than the applicant and use for purposes other than that for which applications are made, applicants are asked to provide information to confirm their identity and the nature of the intended research at the time of application. The person in charge will be sent a written agreement by e-mail at the time of application. Please reply to this with a PDF attachment. Please note that if an account is used improperly—for example, by an unauthorized person or for a purpose other than the specified research—all accounts grouped under the corresponding person in charge may be suspended for one month or more as a penalty, and the person in charge may be required to submit a report about the incident. 

(ii) At the end of each fiscal year, a report must be submitted on the results or progress made in using the NIG Supercomputer. Please be aware that these reports are usually publicly disclosed. (Annual Reports on NIG Supercomputer Use) Please also include acknowledgements of supercomputer use when publishing theses, papers, articles, etc.

(iii) If an exchange student, person working abroad, etc., is not residing in Japan, as defined by the FEFTL, the items of information a), b), and c) below must be provided in the “Comments” field of the application. (Refer to sample applications.) Since documents containing the account information will be sent to the person in charge by postal mail, please.provide necessary information for the account applicant. Also, please take suitable measures to ensure security, for example, by regularly changing passwords.

  • a) Record of enrollment/employment at universities, research institutes, companies; details of research
  • b) Study/work pattern (full-time, part-time)
  • c) Whether the person’s enrollment/employment status is retained while abroad

(iv) As a rule, one UNIX group is created for each person in charge, but if it is desired to have multiple groups created for the same person in charge, or to create a single group for multiple persons in charge to facilitate file sharing, please contact us using the form on the inquiry page.

(v) For employees of companies using the NIG Supercomputer under the direction of a research institute—for example, to perform analysis work on contract—separate login account applications must be made for each research institute. In the application form, there is a field for specifying the person in charge (person satisfying Definition 1 above), but since UNIX groups are created for each person in charge, if accounts were not separated, such persons would be able to view the data relating to other research institutes. This requirement prevents this.

(vi) Login accounts are valid for one fiscal year. (If an application is made in the middle of a fiscal year, the account does not remain valid until one year later; a renewal application will have to be made at the end of the current fiscal year.) When renewing an application, please follow the procedure for end-of-year renewal applications. In the case of discontinuing use, please submit an “Application to Discontinue NIG Supercomputer Facilities Use.” In the event of any change to any of the significant details provided in the original application, such as those relating to affiliated institution and purpose of use, please update the application promptly via the account modification page.



  • Agreement (In the case of multiple applicants, please submit just one form.)
Dear ____________________ (name),
We have received an application from __________________ to request the issue of an account
to use the NIG Supercomputer Facilities, to be administered by you as a person in charge In relation to this application, please read the following documents.
Once you have understood and accepted the terms and conditions of use, please place your
seal or sign the following agreement and return it to us by email as a PDF file attachment.
1. Rules for Use of ROIS Supercomputer Facilities of the National Institute of Genetics 2. Criteria for Issue of User Login Accounts Please send your reply to the following email address: address2

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To _______________
Director , National Institute of Genetics Re: Supercomputer Use Agreement As person in charge, I understand the details of use by the applicant __________, and I
undertake to properly manage and provide guidance on use of the account. I acknowledge that I will be responsible for the results of using the Supercomputer
Facilities and for any problems arising from improper use (e.g., joint use of accounts with
unauthorized persons, use for purposes other than those specified, or violations of the
Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Law) and I undertake not to use the Supercomputer
Facilities improperly. Date ____ (dd) _____ (mm) __________ (yyyy) Name: _____________________ Affiliation: ____________________ Seal or Signature: ____________________ END -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Additional Information for Applications for Accounts for Non-residents

 Please eliminate any irrelevant text before submission.

The applicant ____________________ is defined as a non-resident because he/she is resident
in Japan for less than 6 months / is currently residing abroad / the organization to which
he/she belongs is based abroad. The applicant ____________________ currently belongs to __________ University and possesses
a supercomputer account. However, as of ____ (month) _____ (year), he/she will belong to
the overseas research institute specified below. a) Record of enrollment/employment at universities, research institutes, and companies;
details of research (Example) _____ (month) 20___ (year) to _____ (month) 20___ (year) __________ University (Japan) Graduate student in PhD Program Analysis of protein sequences _____ (month) 20___ (year) to _____ (month) 20___ (year) __________ University (France) Post-doctoral researchers NGS data analysis of _____ genome data _____ (month) 20___ (year) to present __________ University (Japan) Current position Analysis of _____ genome sequences and RNA sequences b) Work pattern Full-time / part-time c) Whether enrollment/employment status is retained while abroad Enrollment/employment status is retained while abroad. __________ University (name of country) Position