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2019 年 10 月 16 日

Announcement of a new website for the National Institute of Genetics Supercomputer System

October 1, 2012
National Institute of Genetics DDBJ Center Supercomputer Unit

Thank you very much for using the National Institute of Genetics Supercomputer System.

To improve the convenience of using the Supercomputer System, as well as the information-transmitting capacity of the site, we have decided to construct a separate website ( for the Web contents of the National Institute of Genetics Supercomputer System that is independent of the DDBJ homepage ( starting October 1, 2012.

New announcements regarding the use of our Supercomputer System from October 1, 2012 onward will be posted on this site.

While some of the contents on the new site will be redundant, the pages on the DDBJ homepage concerning the use of the Supercomputer System will be retained throughout 2012. However, please check the new site for any recent news, as beginning October 1, 2012, new information will be posted only to the new site.

Link to major pages of conventional contentsCorresponding menu on new site
Use of the Supercomputer System Menu heading “System information”
Application to use the Supercomputer System Menus for various applications under the menu heading “Various applications”
Supercomputer Manual “Procedure for system use” and so forth under the menu heading “System information”

In addition, links to the relevant windows dealing with applications to use the Supercomputer System will be provided on the conventional page as of October 1, 2012. The remaining portion of 2012 will be used as a transition period to indicate the application window page on the DDBJ homepage, with complete transition to the new site being planned for the next year. A separate announcement will be made on the news page on this site when the transition has been completed.